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How I Got Started as a Wedding Planner

In this blog post I’m sharing how I got started as a wedding planner.  At my own wedding twelve years ago I knew nothing about wedding planning.  It’s funny looking back now, but I didn’t even know you were supposed to select a first dance song!  I mean come on, who doesn’t know that! Planners […]

How to Price Your Wedding Planning Services

So many new wedding planners are clueless when it comes to pricing their services.  They look at what other planners in their town are charging and decide to charge a little less so they can stand out and get booked.  But that’s the wrong way to go about pricing your planning services. 3 Ways to […]

SO many aspiring wedding planners think there is too much competition out there so they may as well give up on their dream of becoming a wedding planner.    That’s because you keep hearing over and over that you should just stick to your degree if you want a guaranteed paycheck and to play it […]

Processional Questionnaire + Sample Order of Ceremony for Wedding Planners

Are you a new or aspiring wedding planner?  I remember being in your shoes, over nine years ago.  I was new to the planning world and craved all the information I could get my hands on.  I wanted to know what other planners were doing and how they were collecting information from couples.  I don’t […]