How to Start Your Planning Business Even if Your Town is “Oversaturated” With Wedding Planners

You Can start your planning business even if your town is oversaturated with wedding planners

SO many aspiring wedding planners think there is too much competition out there so they may as well give up on their dream of becoming a wedding planner. 


That’s because you keep hearing over and over that you should just stick to your degree if you want a guaranteed paycheck and to play it safe.


And this breaks my heart.  


Tell me this, does every wedding  planner that builds a successful wedding planning business only do so if they don’t have any competition?


We all know that’s not true.


If you keep holding onto this belief you will actually be robbing yourself of doing what you love for the rest of your life.  


Settling for a mediocre job that you dread going to every day, that is unfulfilling while spending your days wishing you were brave enough to start that planning business you’ve been dreaming of for years.


So I know you are wondering how do you build a successful planning business when your market is saturated with so many other wedding planners?  


#1 you just decide you are going to make it happen and go for it!  There is only one YOU!  


If you’re confident in what you have to offer then you will already be ahead of the curve.  You just need to learn how to stand out, then make it happen! It’s that easy.  

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You must work on your mindset, create a brand that will appeal to your target market and get the proper education to propel your business forward faster.  


You need to spend time networking with other vendors in your area.


You need to share your life on stories so potential clients will like, know and trust you.


 You need to always focus on how you can serve your potential clients. 


A great way to serve potential clients is by sharing helpful tips with them on social media which will establish you as the expert.  


You want to share VALUE…always. 


So, let me ask you…Do you really want to give up on your dream of starting your planning business because you think your market is saturated? 




Do you want to start your  planning business and create a life you love?  


If so then check out the video below.



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xo, Terrica


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