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Wedding Rehearsal Directing

Today I’m sharing our 12 step process for directing a wedding rehearsal.   Step 1 Upon arrival for the rehearsal have the wedding party members sit close to the altar, where the director/planner can welcome them and the officiant may say a prayer.   Step 2 Before doing the recessional or processional, place the entire […]

Wedding Rehearsal Directing

In this post I want to share with you 12 valuable tips for directing a wedding rehearsal that will ensure a successful rehearsal.  These tips are invaluable for new and aspiring wedding planners. Always arrive at least 30 minutes before the rehearsal begins, or as early as the musicians need to arrive. If there will […]

How to Direct a Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the wedding. First and foremost, allow the officiant to take charge of the rehearsal unless that person tells you that you are in charge. You never want to step on an officiant’s toes, so always remember they are in charge. It is very important that you […]