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#1 Tip for Shower Etiquette


There are so many little things that factor into the wedding shower’s etiquette rules.  But the biggest is about who to invite!  And the #1 tip is that you should only invite people to your wedding shower that are actually invited to your wedding or reception.  The only exception is at an office wedding shower.  These are generally given to you by friends in the office and normally doesn’t have anything to do with your shower given to you by your wedding party.

It’s totally OK for you to have several wedding showers.  Just make sure that you only invite a guest to one shower.  Nobody should be asked to come to more than one because then they’ll feel obligated to bring two gifts.

Quick Tip: Only invite people to your shower who have been invited to your actual wedding or reception.  And only invite them to one, no matter how many you have.



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