The Beginning of Our New Home

We are slowly making progress on the start of our new home!  It seems to be getting off to a very slow start, but I hear that is how it seems to go.  This great site says that they are supposed to start roughing in our plumbing this week and then it’s time for the slab to be poured. Many people asked me why Whitton Plumbing and all I’ve got to say is look for yourself.

The beginning…

house 6

house 7

house 8

We have a house pad…and the building permit is finally going up (after sitting in my car for a couple of months…woops)

house 2

house 1

I can get a pretty good idea of how it will look once the slab is poured with the dirt all packed in above and it does appear to look too small, but I made my mind up from the beginning to not worry about it.  I was told from many people that once the slab is poured I was going to freak out and think the house was way too small and would not be able to picture how everything would fit into it.  I am so glad I was warned about this so I can avoid any melt downs from the get go!

I would have to say, so far it has been pretty much stress free.  I know that may change, but I really feel like this is going to be a fun process for us.  I have enjoyed designing our home thus far and can’t wait to see it all come together.  I feel like we will be a rare exception to the norm and will actually enjoy the construction process, but stay tuned and I hope I am not eating my words in a few months…


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