Day of Bridal Details

To ensure all of your bridal details are captured on camera and film you need to be prepared on your wedding day.  The wedding day is a busy and exciting day and the last thing you want to do is get stressed out when your photographer arrives because they are asking for your bridal details to photograph, and they are scattered here, there and everywhere!  Your photographer is not going to have time to search for all of these items and I would hate for you to not have the important bridal details captured.  They are some of my favorite shots!

You need to be prepared before your wedding day arrives.  You need to write down every bridal detail you want photographed and make sure you have all of those items in one location on the wedding day, ready to shoot as soon as the photographer arrives.  Your photographer will thank you for being organized and it will help make the day start off smooth!

Here is a list of important bridal details you will want to have together before your photographer arrives…

Wedding Dress on a Pretty Hanger I cringe when I see a beautiful gown on a metal hanger!  Make sure you have your dress hanging on a pretty hanger! 

wedding dress photo

Bouquet and Boutonniere Your bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere should be on location before the photographer arrives.  You will want to ensure the photographer gets a shot of your bouquet alone, and with some of your personal items, since the bouquet can create a beautiful background for jewelry and other bridal details.  And don’t forget the groom’s boutonniere!

Bridesmaids Dresses If you love the idea of having a photo of all of your bridesmaids dresses all hanging pretty in a row (like you have pinned on Pinterest!) then you need to make sure they all have pretty hangers and that the dresses are all steamed and ready to be shot when the photographer arrives.

Shoes Don’t forget to have your shoes ready for the photographer to shoot.  If you are planning on changing into a more comfortable shoe for the reception, be sure to have both pairs of shoes in your bridal details pile.

wedding shoes jimmy choo

All Three Rings Your engagement ring, your wedding band and his wedding band…Make sure you keep the rings to ensure the photographer gets this shot and make sure to get it from the groom before the wedding day.  A lot of times the best man will have the ring, but don’t give it to him just yet.  After the photographer captures the shot you can have a bridesmaid take your wedding band back to the best man.

All Jewelry Earrings, bracelet, necklace…anything you are planning to wear.

Veil or Hairpiece and Garter Don’t forget to have your veil or a hair piece ready and your garters.

Perfume I love shots of pretty perfume bottles!  They make the best photographs, so be sure to have the perfume you plan to wear on your wedding day in your bridal details pile. You may want to purchase a special perfume to wear on the wedding day and you will always remember the scent you had on for years to come:)

wedding perfume

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue If you are doing this tradition then you will want to have a photo of all of these items together and you will need to let your photographer know ahead of time what these items are.

Wedding Stationery Invitation, Program, Save the Date, Napkins, Menu, etc…This is another one of my all time favorite detail shots!!

wedding invitation shot

Special Details Things like your grandmother’s handkerchief you are carrying on your wedding day, a special locket in your bouquet…any significant details.

locket on wedding bouquet

Gift or Letter Do you plan to exchange letters with the groom or a gift?  Make sure you incorporate that into the timeline so the photographer can be there when the gift or letters are exchanged.   If you are presenting your mom or dad with a gift on the wedding day be sure the photographer captures that as well.

wedding day letter

I hope this will help you to be better prepared when your wedding day arrives!  Your photographer will thank you for being prepared and for making their life so much easier!

Image Credits: April + Paul (photo 1 and 3) Angel Speaks Photography (photo 2 and 4) Chao Photography (photo 5) Debbie Gentry Photography (photo 6)


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