Meet a SP Bride: Kelly

It has been such a pleasure planning with Kelly over the past ten months!  She is always so gracious and kind and I could not ask for a sweeter bride to work with!  Kelly and Parker are having their reception at Soule, one of my favorite venues.  Since Soule is such a popular venue; I have seven weddings booked there this year alone, it is very important that we make sure every wedding is styled different than the last, and that every wedding is unique in its own way!  Their wedding will be no exception to this rule and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

We are handling Kelly and Parker’s floral design for the rehearsal dinner at Weidmann’s on Friday night as well as planning and floral design for the wedding.  I am ready to get started on our first wedding for 2015! It’s going to be an awesome start!  Stay tuned to our instagram this weekend for great detail photos!

engagement photos by robby followell

Your Name: Kelly Sterling

Your Fiancés Name: Parker Gregory

How’d You Meet?  Parker and I met in OT school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

How did he propose?  Were you surprised?!  Parker proposed on hilltop in front of a large cross at the church we attended in Jackson.  We’d only been dating 9 months and although we’d discussed marriage, I didn’t think we’d get engaged until summer. Of course I said “yes” and once I regained my composure, I noticed a stranger coming out of the woods. As it turns out, Parker hired a photographer to capture the entire proposal. It could not have been more perfect!

kelly sterling proposal 3

When and where are you two getting married?  What made you decide on that venue and time of year?  Parker and I are getting married in Meridian on February 7th. The Ceremony is at Poplar Springs Drive Baptist Church, which is the church I grew up in as well as the church my parents were married in.  Our reception is at Soule Steam Feed Works. We love the atmosphere and character at Soule. It’s also a large venue that will provide plenty of room for our guests.

Describe your wedding in three words: Pretty, Sweet, and Intimate

Tell me more! Theme, colors, style, must-haves?!  The colors are primarily white and gray. All of the flowers are white (hydrangeas, garden roses, etc.) and the bridesmaid’s dresses and linens are gray. There are also a lot of silver accents in the décor. It was important to me to have a wedding that was very pretty and classy; however, not too formal. Parker and I wanted to create a laid-back atmosphere that our guests would be comfortable in.

What’s your favorite wedding blog or magazine?  Honestly, I’ve utilized Pinterest the most during the planning process.

What have you loved most about planning your wedding?  Other than picking out my dress, I think my favorite part was choosing the flower girl’s dresses- they’re adorable!

What’s been the most difficult?  The most difficult part has definitely been planning a wedding in Meridian from over 3 hours away… I honestly think the majority of our wedding has been planned via email!

ms engagements

Have you always dreamed about your wedding day? or is this a new thing for you?  I’ve always dreamed of being married and having a family but not necessarily the wedding day itself, so everything has been very new. Actually, when Parker and I got engaged, I’d never even been a bridesmaid. I had no idea where to start.

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day?  I’m just looking forward to spending time with friends and family as I marry my best friend.

Are you two taking a honeymoon? Where to and what do you plan to do?  Yes, we’re spending a week in St. Lucia and can’t wait!

Why is marriage so important to you two? What are you excited or nervous about?  Marriage certainly isn’t something we take lightly; we feel it’s one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. In our opinion, the purpose of marriage, along with anything else in life, is to glorify God. We both feel that we serve God better with one another than without. If we make God our priority and choose to be obedient and glorify him through our relationship, I don’t think we have anything to worry about… except maybe sharing a bathroom. I can foresee that causing a lot of problems. 🙂

ms engagement photos


Do you have any advice for the newly engaged?  Or do you have any questions for the already married?  My advice for the newly engaged is not to lose sight of one another in the midst of all the planning. Marriage should be the priority- not the wedding. My second piece of advice goes along with the first- hire a planner! Choosing to work with Southern Productions was the best decision I could’ve ever made- other than saying “yes” to Parker of course!!

Happy Wedding Week to Kelly and Parker!! We can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend and work alongside an awesome team of vendors!


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