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6 Affordable Gifts Your Groomsmen Will Actually Want

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If you’re on a tight budget, it’s still possible to find affordable groomsmen gifts that they’ll actually want. You don’t have to shell out more money to have the perfect gifts.  Here are a few practical and budget-friendly items you can consider

1. Beer mugs 
You can never go wrong with beer mugs. If your guys love their hoppy brews, this gift is perfect for your chugging sessions. Find one that is big enough to carry large quantities or opt for ones that are customizable. You can find online shops that sell customized mugs which are perfect for making a toast on your big day.

groomsman gift beer mug

2.  Flasks
If your buddy enjoys taking a swig every now and then, you can give him a flask to carry around. There are a variety of designs that will suit every personality. This Stealth Phone Flask is great for sneaking alcohol to almost any location as it looks nearly similar to a cellphone. It’s just right for when he needs a sip – nobody will suspect at a glance!

groomsman gift flask

3. Pocket tools
Pocket tools can be very handy in certain situations and it’s great for guys who like to tinker around. They come with a variety of tools from a small functional knife to pliers that you can easily fold. It’s always better to choose tools that are made of stainless-steel as they last longer. Some are even made with lightweight material which makes them easier to carry around.

groomsman gift pocket knife

4. Cufflinks
You can never go wrong with a pair of gorgeous cufflinks but remember to keep your friend’s style in mind. Cufflinks can come in a variety of designs and materials from a wacky scrabble looking pieces to ones that look like shotgun shells. If you’re not sure what style they would like, choose a classic design like this Silver Round Beaded Cufflink. Its look and monogrammed letters will make your guy feel more sophisticated and distinguished.

groomsman gift cufflinks

5. Pub Signs
Make your guys reminisce their bachelor days with awesome pub signs that are perfect to hang around their pad. Sports-related pub signs especially from Sports Betting Agent Bandar Bola SBOBET in Asia are top choices as well as retro designs. These pub signs will bring out their sports pride while retro designs will add to their old school charm. Have their names added to make the signs more personalized.

groomsman gift pub signs

6. Cooler or Travel Bag
If you’re still confused on what to get, a cool cooler or travel bag is always a great gift.  I especially like the looks of these olive combat coolers and tan combat travel bags.  For a more personal touch, have them embroidered with their names or initials. 


With these cool and personalized groomsmen gifts, you can give your guys items they would actually want without breaking the bank.


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