8 Tips on Giving a Toast at a Rehearsal Dinner

rehearsal dinner toastingToasting at a rehearsal dinner is usually started by the groom’s father; or the person hosting the dinner.  They start off by welcoming guests and saying a few words followed by the best man and maid of honor toasts.   If the bride’s mother and/or father want to make a toast, they would go next, followed by any siblings of the bride and groom.  


  1. Take the time to write something special before the wedding weekend. Practice it a few times.  Just don’t wing it! 
  2. Introduce yourself and tell everyone how you know the bride and groom. 
  3. Keep it short and sweet. 1-3 minutes max. 
  4. Don’t drink too much before you give your toast. You don’t want to make it awkward for everyone present.  
  5. Hold the mic close enough to your mouth.  A few inches away is perfect.
  6. Don’t breathe into the mic. 
  7. Don’t tell embarrassing stories or inside jokes.  Be nice and keep it positive.  
  8. Speak to both the bride and groom, even if you don’t know one of them that well.
  9. End the toast strong by raising your glass and wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness. 

To end, the groom will usually say a few words, or the groom’s father can end by thanking everyone for coming.  



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