Traditional Wedding Expenses Covered by the Groom

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A common question I get asked by parents of the groom is: “What are the traditional wedding expenses covered by the groom and their family?”

Although, a lot of couples getting married today are already established in their careers and are able to help pay for part (or sometimes all) of the wedding, or have help from both the bride and grooms family.  Some couples may have a grandparent donating to the wedding budget or other family member.  

what do grooms traditionally pay for

According to Emily Post, of the Emily Post Institute: “Up to 70 percent of weddings are paid for by the couple themselves, or by some combination which may include the couple, the bride’s parents, and the groom’s parents. If the costs are being shared, communication is the key to keeping harmony. Any discussion about money should be both dignified and candid.”

Traditional Wedding Expenses Covered by The Groom (and his family)

  1. Bride’s engagement and wedding ring
  2. Groom’s attire
  3. Marriage license
  4. Rehearsal dinner 
  5. Officiant’s fee or donation  (plus lodging expenses if from another town and invited to officiate by the groom’s family)
  6. The bride’s bouquet
  7. Groomsmen and ushers boutonnieres
  8. Corsages and/or nosegays for mothers and grandmothers
  9. Groom’s gift to the bride
  10. Gifts for the groomsmen and ushers
  11. Gift for the groom’s parents (optional, but usually done)
  12. Honeymoon expenses
  13. Transportation from the reception to the honeymoon
  14. Accommodations for the groom’s out-of-town attendants (optional)

what do grooms pay for traditionally


I have a Guide for the Groom’s Parents that I share with all my couples. It’s a great guide that guides them through the planning process and informs them of everything they need to know. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Traditional expenses covered by the grooms family

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