Purchase Your Custom Wedding Day Schedule

Purchase Your Custom Wedding Day Schedule


Are you clueless when it comes to creating your wedding day schedule?

Are you afraid of hair and makeup running behind on your wedding day causing you to miss out on important photos?

Creating your wedding day schedule can be a little intimidating when you have no clue how much time to a lot for each thing.  I get it!  After planning over 100 weddings I have this wedding schedule/timeline creation down to a science.  A well crafted schedule creates a seamless experience for your guests, helps your vendors do their best work, and cuts down on the amount of managing you’ll need to do on your wedding day.  A wedding day schedule is absolutely essential.  If you did not hire a wedding planner then it will be up to you to create your wedding schedule or you can save yourself some time and stress and hire me to help!  Your photographer may create a schedule for photos, but they are not going to include the full wedding day schedule on there…like what times bridesmaids need to start getting dressed, what time the guys need to arrive, band arrival time, cake delivery time, etc.

How It Works

  • With our wedding schedule creation service you will receive a detail, customized wedding weekend schedule that begins the day before your wedding since you will have a wedding rehearsal the day before and possibly other events such as a bridesmaids luncheon and rehearsal dinner.  In order to create the custom schedule I will have you complete a detailed schedule questionnaire as well as email me a copy of your vendor contracts.  More than likely you will not know the answers to all of the schedule questions until a month or two before the wedding date so this service would not begin until two months before your wedding date at the earliest.  You can purchase this service at any time and I can send you the online questionnaire to start working on.  Since it’s an online questionnaire you can view/add/edit  it at any time.
  • Once you send all of your vendor contracts and complete the questionnaire I will begin working on your wedding day schedule.  I will contact all of your vendors to ensure I allocate the proper length of time for their service on the wedding day as well as find out what time they want to start their services on the wedding day.
  • You will receive a separate version of the schedule for different people associated with the wedding – a version for: bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers, parents and grandparents, and different vendors.  That way the bridesmaids and groomsmen are not receiving the master schedule that can be up to ten pages long.  If you send them a ten page long schedule it would overwhelm them and they would not read it.  They just need a version with times that are specific to them.
  • You will be able to download pdf versions of the schedule to print; if desired.  I suggest emailing a copy of the schedule to your wedding party before the wedding day as well as give them a hard copy at your rehearsal.

What You Get

  • A detailed, customized wedding weekend schedule that begins the day before your wedding since you will have a wedding rehearsal the day before and possibly other events such as a bridesmaids luncheon and rehearsal dinner.
  • Different pdf versions from soda can explain the timeline for Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Ushers, Parents, Grandparents, Vendors, Etc. since everyone only needs to know the details that pertain to them.  You can print these off and hand everyone a copy at rehearsal as well as email them a copy before the wedding day.
  • Access to the online wedding schedule up until two weeks after your wedding.
  • Email access to Southern Productions to ask any schedule related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the schedule delivered?  You will receive an invitation to set up your log n and password to an online portal where your wedding day schedule will be.
  • Do you customize the schedule?  Yes, the schedule will be customized based on your wedding day.  I will be able to create the schedule based upon a questionnaire you complete & based upon your vendor’s timelines – whom I will reach out to in order to find out this information.
  • Who is this service for? If you are unsure of how to properly plan your wedding day schedule, but can plan the rest of your wedding on your own then this service is for you.
  • How will you know what time my wedding day schedule needs to start and end?  I will email you a questionnaire to complete that will aid me in preparing the wedding schedule.  I will also contact all of your wedding vendors to find out what time they arrive and leave.

For more information about this service contact me at info@southernproductions.net and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!  If you are ready to secure this service just click this link here.

xo, Terrica

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