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Meridian Mississippi String Quartet | Riverside Quartet

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Meridian Mississippi String Quartet

Riverside Quartet is a Meridian, Mississippi, based string quartet that we have worked with several times.  Their 3 piece ensemble has provided music for a few of our outdoor wedding ceremonies and their violinist played at a recent church wedding.  They have always done an excellent job.  

The group is highly customizable.  Here are the types of groups they offer:


– 1 Violin or 1 Viola or 1 Cello

This option is best for very small events or an event with minimal space for musicians. 


-1 violin/1 viola or 1 violin/1 cello

This option is best for a small event but where a harmony and/or bass line is desired. 


1 violin/1 viola/1 cello

This option is perfect for any size event. A group this size projects very well in any space (outside, inside, stage etc…) A major advantage to the trio instead of a full quartet is that you have almost the same sound with less cost. 


2 violins/1 viola/1 cello

This is the traditional string chamber ensemble. This group is also perfect for any size event. All pieces are fully fleshed out with the bass line and multiple harmony lines in addition to the melody. 

Riverside Quartet Pricing for Wedding Ceremonies 

Soloist: $250
Duet: $400
Trio: $550

To learn more you can view their website here.

Meridian Mississippi String Quartet

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