Meridian, Mississippi Wedding Transportation

Meridian MS Wedding Transportation

Are you in need of transportation for your Meridian, MS Wedding?  Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to transportation in Meridian, but we do have a company that provides shuttle vans.  Eagle Shuttle Services has a fleet of vans that we have used for several weddings.  We have used them to transport wedding parties from the church to the reception, to transport out of town guests from their hotel to the wedding and back to their hotel, and to pick up guests from their homes to take them to the wedding then back home.  They do provide the driver for their vans.  

They also have an executive vehicle that is a Tahoe that some couples have used to take them from their reception to their hotel in Jackson or Birmingham.  

If you are wanting something pretty like an antique vehicle or limo I can go ahead and tell you we don’t currently have anything like that in Meridian, but we can get them from Jackson and Birmingham.  

To find out more about Eagle Shuttle Services you can contact Doug Thompson at (601) 527-7844.

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Another option that we have used for a few weddings is Meridian Coach & Travel.   If you have a large wedding party and want to make sure you all can ride in the same vehicle then the Meridian Coach may be the perfect solution.  It’s a large coach “bus” that holds around 65 people.  We have also used the Meridian Coach to transport out of town guests from their hotels to the ceremony and reception. 

To learn more you can contact Meridian Coach & Travel 601-737-4555



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