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Should You Share Pricing With Potential Clients Before a Consultation

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Should You Share Pricing With Potential Clients Before a Consultation

For several years I did not share pricing with potential clients before meeting with them for a consultation.  This is what other planners were doing so I thought this was what I should be doing too.  I did not list pricing on my website nor did I send my pricing when someone asked for it.  I would say my packages start at “x” amount and that I would love to schedule a consultation with them to discuss my packages further.  I would share the details of each package on my website and I would send a brochure of my packages; without pricing.

I feared that if I sent my packages with pricing before I could meet with them in person they would never want to meet with me and wouldn’t see the value in hiring a planner.

What a waste of time this was!

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I would meet with potential clients only to learn their budget wouldn’t allow for a planner in the first place.  Or, some meetings would go great with a potential client saying they wanted to book us for “x” package only to never hear back from them again.

A couple of years ago I decided to start sharing my planning packages WITH pricing once someone inquired with us about our planning services.  What a game-changer this has been!  I now only meet with ideal brides and I’m no longer wasting my time or their time.  I now book 90% of the brides I meet with because I’m no longer meeting with brides that can’t afford a wedding planner.  They know upfront before we ever meet for a consultation how much our planning services are.  And I know before we meet which service they are most interested in.  It’s a win-win for both myself and my potential client.

Here’s a look at my current services page on my website.  You will see that I don’t list pricing on my website, but I do send potential clients my services brochure that includes pricing once they complete the inquiry form on my website.  This is all automated through Aisle Planner and saves me so much time every single day.

I would love to know…Are you currently sharing your planning packages WITH pricing when someone inquires with you?  Or do you wait until you meet with them for a consultation to share your pricing?




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