Themed Days of the Week for Wedding Planners

After going full time in my wedding planning business about three years ago, I decided it was time to get the backend of my business organized the right way.  I would find myself randomly working on things as I thought of them during the week.  There was not any system to what I did from day to day.

I learned about an amazingly simple way of planning my days – themed days.  Themed days you may be thinking.  What in the world does that mean?

What you do is pick one focus for the day – and you do that and only that on that particular day.

Themed days of the week will save you time and stress.  You will be able to get SO much more done every single week. They take the guesswork out of tasks that come my way.  I schedule related tasks on the same day of the week to ensure the most productive day.

They will give you a game plan for each day of the week so you always know what you are supposed to be working on depending on what day it is.

Themed Days of the Week for Wedding Planners

Here’s what my themed days look like:

Monday: Marketing
Tuesday: Client Work + Meetings
Wednesday: Project Management
Thursday: Client Work + Meetings
Friday: Admin + Finance

On Monday’s I write blog posts, schedule Instagram and Facebook posts for the week, post any wedding photos to Facebook and things like that.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for client work and meetings.

Wednesdays are for project management. If I have a project I’m working on I will do this on Wednesdays. Work on Wedding Planner School is an example of what I would do on a Wednesday.

Friday’s are reserved for anything admin related…I pay any bills that need to be paid, I categorize my bank statement, I reconcile my accounts, I log mileage in Mile IQ, file receipts, etc.

If you are not currently using themed days of the week in your planning business I think you should give it a try!  I think you will be very surprised at how much you more you will actually get done.  If you are still working a 9-5 that’s okay.  You can still create themed days for the evenings you are working on your business.  If you have any questions about this or anything don’t hesitate to reach out!

xo, Terrica

How to Plan your days as a wedding planner


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