Wedding Day Timeline for Wedding Planners

As a wedding planner, you’ve got to make sure you plan out your client’s wedding day timeline down to the minute things will happen.  But, you may be a new or aspiring planner and you’re just not sure what all you should include other than the vendor arrival times.  My timelines have really grown over the years as I’ve gained more experience.  I remember when my timeline was only a couple of pages long (crazy right!).  Now, my master timeline is 10 pages or more, depending on the scope of the wedding.

Master Wedding Day Timeline for Wedding Planners

Some basics you should include in your Master Wedding Day Timeline:

  • The address to all of the venues associated with the wedding.
  • A vendor contact list with all of the vendor names and phone numbers listed. Make sure you get a cell number in case you need to reach a vendor after hours.  Even the tux rental store…trust me I learned this one the hard way.
  • Names of the wedding party and parents and their cell numbers.
  • The rehearsal start time and the rehearsal dinner start time.
  • The rehearsal checklist so you don’t forget important steps (even if you’ve directed a lot of rehearsals).
  • Reminders to share with the wedding party and family.
  • Arrival time of all vendors.
  • Hair and makeup schedule.
  • What time the wedding party and family should arrive.
  • What time everyone needs to be dressed by.
  • Photo timeline as well as list specific photos to ensure none are missed.
  • Ceremony and reception start time and end time.
  • The order of ceremony.
  • The time the following things will take place: the dances, toasts, dinner, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, sorority/fraternity songs, the grand exit, etc.
  • I also include a list of important notes in my master timeline like: who will serve the cakes, did the couple provide a picnic basket for meal to go, do we save or serve the top tier of the wedding cake, how many vendor meals will be served and time, who will gifts and cards be sent home with, who will the couples personal items be sent home with, are they keeping any leftover food, are they keeping any of the flowers, the bride and groom’s favorite drink, etc.
  • Rental list.
  • Floral list.

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This is what all I include in the master timeline – the timeline for me and my team.  I do not share the master timeline with the wedding party or other vendors.  I create a version of the timeline for each vendor with the information that pertains to them only, a version for the bridesmaids, a version for the groomsmen, a version for family, etc.  The timeline for the wedding party is very condensed and usually includes 2-3 pages max.

Master Wedding Day Timeline for Wedding Planners

I know it would help you oh so much to see an example of a master timeline so I’m including a sample for you!  All you have to do is enter your name and email in the box below.   I would love to know if you include other things in your master timeline.


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