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Are you a new or aspiring wedding planner?  I remember being in your shoes, over nine years ago.  I was new to the planning world and craved all the information I could get my hands on.  I wanted to know what other planners were doing and how they were collecting information from couples.  I don’t want you to have to waste hours upon hours searching and searching online for all the answers.  I am an open book and have found a new passion outside of planning and floral design and that’s helping new and aspiring wedding planners.  I want to teach you everything I know so you don’t have to waste precious time trying to figure it out on your own.  That’s why I’m sharing another freebie with you today.  Learn the exact questions I ask couples in order for me to prepare their order of ceremony that is used for directing purposes in my Processional Questionnaire + Sample Order of Ceremony.Processional Questionnaire + Sample Order of Ceremony for Wedding Planners

I always meet with couples about a month-two weeks before their wedding at the ceremony venue to go over the order of ceremony and wedding day schedule.  It’s very important that we have their order of ceremony prepared before this meeting to ensure a more productive meeting.  Once a client completes the processional questionnaire I will get started on their order of ceremony.  I always email them a copy to look over before we meet and I bring a copy for everyone attending the meeting.

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At this meeting we discuss where everyone will stand, sit, who escorts who, etc.  I make sure the client is comfortable with the order and where the family will be seated.  I always tell the couple they are welcome to make any changes at rehearsal, but we like to have the order of ceremony planned out ahead of time.  Once they see everyone in place at the rehearsal they may want to make some tweaks and that’s totally fine with me.  We go over where the musicians will be seated at, where any scripture readers will sit, and where parents of children in the wedding will sit in case a child acts up, or in case the child will be going to sit with them once they walk down the aisle.


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Processional Questionnaire + Sample Order of Ceremony for Wedding Planners

Processional Questionnaire + Sample Order of Ceremony


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