New Inquiry Email Template for Wedding Planners

Are you curious to know what other planners are saying to potential clients once they inquire with them?

New Inquiry Email Template for Wedding Planners

I remember in the beginning of my planning career I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right.  There’s no right or wrong way to respond, just be sure you are being yourself.  You want to use your own voice when responding so if the email template I am sharing with you does not sound like you simply change it up to fit your brand and your own voice.

I start out by thanking them for reaching out to me.  In the past I would congratulate them on their wedding in this automatic email responder, but I found that every now and again I would have people other than couples reaching out to me about a wedding.  So I decided to nix the congratulatory statement in order to keep the automatic email responder set up.  I didn’t want to have to worry about an email responder being sent to someone that was needing help planning a party or other event that was personalized to a couple getting married…although 98% of my clientele are wedding clients.  If you only want to focus on weddings then by all means I would congratulate them on their engagement in this initial email.

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In a previous post, I shared that I do send my planning guide with pricing when anyone inquires with me (You can read it HERE).  I have gone back and forth on whether or not to have this automatically sent anytime someone completes the inquiry form on my website, but I currently do have all of this automated.  No matter who completes the inquiry form on my website they are automatically sent my planning guide that includes the services we offer along with pricing.  Some potential clients that complete the inquiry form may only need us for our floral design services so I have thought about not having this sent automatically, but currently its a time saver for me.  Having it sent automatically means they receive it right away; even if they inquire with us on a weekend.  Which is a plus in my opinion.  They don’t have to wait until we are back in the office to learn about our services and pricing.

So, the next paragraph in the email mentions that the planning guide is attached and asks them to look over it then respond back to the email to let me know if they are local and available to meet in person or if they need a phone consultation.  I then mention that I’ll send them a few dates I’m available for the consultation.  Then state that I look forward to hearing from them soon.

Simple and to the point.  Once they open my planning guide I share a little more about Southern Productions then share about the services, what they include along with pricing.

Here’s an example of what I say at the beginning of my planning guide:

Thank you so much for your interest in Southern Productions! We are based in Meridian, Mississippi, and work with brides all over MS and the surrounding areas. 

We specialize in handling all of the pesky logistics it takes to make your dream wedding a reality, while also designing & styling your details to perfection. From our first consultation to your farewell at the reception, our team never leaves your side. 

We adore all of the little details – from the aesthetically pleasing design to the logistics and day-of timeline. Our focus is to pair creative design ideas with classic tradition. Combine all of this with our In House Floral Design, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly planned and styled Wedding Day.

CLICK HERE to get our exact email template we send to new inquiries.

Email Template for Wedding Planners

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