How to Have a Life Outside of Your Wedding Planning Business

Is It Possible to Have a Life Outside of Your Wedding Planning Business

Most newer wedding planners think they can’t have a life outside of wedding planning if they want to create a successful business, but that can actually hurt you in the long run.  


And I know that wedding planning is very time consuming and you feel like you have to do all the things and work all the time if you want to be successful, so it’s easy to fall into that trap. 


But if it were true that you couldn’t have a life outside of wedding planning then all wedding planners would be closing the doors to their business left and right because they were tired, overworked and very burned out.  


 And we all know that’s not true.  If you continue to hold on to this belief it will lead to burnout and there are many ways  to prevent burnout.

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So how you may be asking? How do you create a successful business while still having an amazing life outside of your planning business?  


Well, all successful planners have their business streamlined.  They have systems, processes and templates set up for everything they do in their business so they are not having to recreate the wheel every day.  


Go ahead and find me any successful wedding planner who actually works normal business hours that doesn’t have systems and processes set up for their business. 


You won’t find one because they don’t exist.  Not only will systems, processes and templates save you time, but they will give you more freedom, more income, more confidence and less confusion.


So let me ask you.  


Do you really want to keep working around the clock instead of creating a business and a life you love at the same time?  


If you continue to put your planning business above your personal life and sanity then you are going to experience burn-out.  


Burn-out is real friends and I can tell you from first hand experience it’s SO real.  


For years I worked until the wee hours of the morning, on weekends, on holidays…ALL the time because I loved what I did and more importantly because I didn’t have systems and processes set up for my business.  


OR do you want to create a successful business and life at the same time? 


You don’t want to look back years from now and see how much time you wasted working IN your business while your personal life took a backseat.  


Trust me, all that does is lead to unhealthy relationships, unhealthy marriages and unhealthy habits and I want more for you! 


You have a choice.  


You can continue to operate and work around the clock while putting your life on hold on a sure-fire route to burn-out with nothing to show for it 


OR starting today you can step into the role of the successful wedding planner, 


the CEO of your planning business, and start thinking and operating from that way.  


It’s not going to be easy at first if you’ve been at this for a while.  


It’s going to be really uncomfortable but it’s always worth it in the end.


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