The Best Way To Plan Weddings – Phase Based Planning

The Best Way To Plan Wedding Phase Based Planning

A lot of planners use a checklist that’s broken down month by month or broken down into categories.  


You do what every other new planner is doing and piece together different checklist templates you find online.  I did the same thing for years before I realized there was a better way.


The problem with this method is it’s hard to explain to couples how you will actually plan their wedding and not having a process broken down leads to overwhelm for you as the planner.


For years I planned weddings with a monthly checklist and found that clients were always asking me “What’s next?” 


 I would achieve a task on their checklist then they were immediately asking what’s next, what do I need to be working on next?  


I was spending a lot of time repeating the same answers to questions I was being asked by client after client.

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I now have a simple and foul-proof phase based planning process that allows the process to be more organized and to run smoother.  I have been using this process for a couple of years now and it’s been a game changer for my business.  


Now, I can explain to my brides and even the fathers of my brides our planning process in an easy to understand format.


The 5 steps of my phased based planning process are:

Phase 1: Planning

Phase 2: Design

Phase 3: Coordination

Phase 4: Execution

Phase 5: Post Wedding


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