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Why Wedding Planners Should Share Their Pricing Before a Consultation

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Why Wedding Planners Should Share Pricing Before Consultations

A lot of new planners think they shouldn’t share their planning packages WITH pricing with potential clients until they meet with them face to face for a consultation, but this could actually be a huge waste of time.  


For years we were told not to share our pricing on our website or with anyone that inquired about our services until we were in a consultation with them face to face.


So I can totally relate and believed this myself for years.  I thought if I shared my pricing before a consultation then a potential client would not even want to meet with me.  


But if that were true then every potential client that you shared your pricing with before a consultation would not even respond to schedule the consultation.  And that’s not the case.


In fact if you keep believing this you will actually be robbing yourself of time that you could be spending working on your business.  And we all know our time is very precious and time is not a renewable resource.


However; once you start sharing your pricing as soon as someone inquires with you about your services it will change the game for you.  You could start booking around 95% of the clients you met with because you will only be meeting with your ideal clients.  


If you don’t start sharing your planning packages with pricing when someone inquires with you then be prepared to waste a lot of time in consultations with people that can’t afford a planner and people that are not your ideal client in the first place.  Which will waste so much time.  


There were times when I would have a consultation that I thought went great, only to never hear back from the couple again.  I finally realized that I had to make a change in order to quit wasting my time and theirs. 


Fast forward to today and I now send my planning packages with pricing as soon as anyone inquires with me about a consultation.  This is all automated and streamlined through my planning system and is sent automatically when they complete the inquiry form on my website.


Total Game Changer!! I now book 95% of the couples I meet with for consultations and you can too! 


So let me ask you do you really want to continue wasting your time meeting with not so ideal clients OR do you want to start meeting with couples that can actually afford your services and that are your ideal clients? 


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