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How to Request a Review

Wedding Planner Education

How to Request a Review

Reviews are so important for our businesses and really help to build credibility and trust.  A lot of couples never even think about leaving a review after their wedding so it’s up to you as the planner to request a review from them.  Occasionally you will have a couple leave a review before you even ask and that’s always a plus.  However, that won’t happen often so after every wedding you need to add “request a review” to your post-wedding process.

You may be wondering how in the world do you ask for a review?  And where do you suggest your couples leave the review at?  In the past I built my reviews up on Wedding Wire and always requested for reviews to be made on there.  A few years ago I realized that was kinda silly since most couples don’t even find us on Wedding Wire.  Now, I’ve started requesting reviews on our Facebook business page.

Some planners ask couples to review them in multiple locations by copy and pasting their review over and over.  I think that’s too much to ask so I just ask for a review in once place.  You will have to determine where it makes sense to have reviews for your business though.  Facebook may not be the best place for you.

To get our exact email template we send to couples requesting a review after their wedding be sure you are signed up for our weekly Planner’s Hub email.  I’ll be sharing our exact email template with our subscribers on Friday.  Sign up below to ensure you don’t miss it!  And I’ll be adding all of our email templates to the shop soon.

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