6 Ways to Gain Confidence As a New Wedding Planner

6 Ways to Gain Confidence As a New Wedding Planner

I remember being exactly where you are.  A brand new wedding planner that was very eager to serve my clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs.  I was worried I would forget something important, or not be able to answer a question the couple or their parents had.  Oh, the many sleepless nights I had the day before rehearsals and wedding days. I would toss and turn while my mind raced.


So, I’m sure you’re wondering what you can do to gain confidence as a new planner?


First off, the best thing you can do is to educate and immerse yourself in the wedding industry.


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How do you do that?  Keep reading to learn about six different ways you can gain confidence as a planner.


6 Ways to Gain Confidence As a New Wedding Planner

  • Educate yourself by taking a course or courses, reading books and articles online.
  • Take an internship position with a planner.
  • Attend conferences and meet-ups.
  • Join online communities specifically for planners and/or the wedding industry.
  • Have coffee dates with wedding pro’s in your area.
  • Get all of your processes set up from the very beginning.


Luckily for you there is SO much education out there now for wedding planners.  You just need to figure out which educator(s) are the best fit for you and your personality then dive in and learn everything you can.  The more you know the more confidence you will gain.


6 Ways to Gain Confidence as a New Wedding Planner

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