How To Name Your Wedding Planning Business

Selecting a name for your business can be intimidating and there are so many factors that go into a name.  I wish I had thought through my business name a little more than I did eleven years ago when I was brainstorming a name.  There are so many factors that I didn’t even consider (like how long the name is for one).

How to Name Your Planning Business

I hope these tips and suggestions will help you pick a name you will love for years to come.

3 Types of Names You Can Use For Your Business

Use Your Name

A lot of wedding planners use their name as a part of their business name since they are going to be the face behind the brand.  If you think you may want to sell your business one day down the road I would not suggest using your name in your business name.

Examples: Terrica McKee Event Planning, Events by Terrica


Use an Informative Name (Your Market)

Naming your business after the wedding industry is another option.  This will definitely tell people what your business is about.

My business name is an informative name because of the words “weddings & events”: Southern Productions weddings & events.

It’s obvious what my business is about when you see the name.

The only problem with using informative names is if you ever want to grow beyond weddings and wedding planning it could be an issue for you.  I would have a hard time branching outside of the wedding industry if I ever wanted to while still using my same business name.

Examples: Luxe Event Planning, Joyous Events, Dragonfly weddings & events


Use a Coined Name

Coined names are names that are unique and catchy.  They are created to convey a specific feeling or association rather than a direct, literal meaning. This type of name can be created by combining words, parts of words, or foreign expressions, or by altering spelling, matching syllable sounds, or inventing a new word entirely

Examples: Etsy, Xbox, Xerox.


Naming Your Wedding Planning Business

I would spend a lot of time brainstorming before you decide on a name.  Get out a pen and a notebook and start writing down all the words that come to mind.  What are some names you love, what is the mood and tone of your brand going to be?

Don’t overthink this, just write.

After you have a good list of words it’s time to mix and match some words.  Which words stand out to you?  Pick your favorite words from your list.  You can combine the words with your name or your market/industry (weddings, event planning, wedding planning).  Make sure it matches the mood and tone of your business.

Once you have a name you love it’s time to do some research to ensure you can actually use that name.

The first step is to ensure the name you selected is not trademarked.  Go to the U.S. Trademark office and enter the name.  If it’s not taken the next step is to make sure the domain is available.  Next, check out Instagram and see if the handle you want is available or look for other options.

Once your business name passes the steps above it’s time to register your business and create a website.


To learn more about doing that download our free guide on “How to Start a Wedding Planning Business” below:


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