Aisle Planner for Wedding Planners – The One System I Can’t Live Without

Aisle Planner for Wedding

If I had to pick just one system to invest in from the very start of  a planning business it would be Aisle Planner.  Aisle Planner is one of the very best systems I use in my planning business daily.

A few reasons why I LOVE Aisle Planner:

  • the ability to have everything stored in once place for each and every client
  • the ability to receive reminders when things are due
  • the ability to send contracts and get paid, all in one place
  • the overall esthetic

There are many more reasons why Aisle Planner is the, but those are a few that stand out to me.

Once a wedding is over and all of mine and the client’s post-wedding tasks have been completed I archive the wedding in Aisle Planner.  There have been times when I’ve needed to refer back to a wedding, whether it be seeing who their band was or for many different reasons, and I love being able to view all of my archived weddings at any time.  I was afraid once a wedding was archived it was gone forever, but it’s not!  Everything stays under that client’s wedding or project in Aisle Planner.

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I’ve done weddings for sisters of past bride’s before and had their parents want a copy of their first daughter’s budget, or  they wanted to know what they spent on x vendor for their first daughter’s wedding. Being able to tell them within minutes is great customer service.

I could go on and on about Aisle Planner, but another huge plus is how inexpensive it is.  What you get with the beautiful system for a small monthly fee is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion.  I have yet to find another system that works as well, does it all like Aisle Planner does and looks beautiful.  I tried a few before discovering Aisle Planner and none of them compare.


To learn more about Aisle Planner check out another blog post I shared Aisle Planner HERE.



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