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5 Reception Notes to Include in Your Master Wedding Timeline

Wedding Planner Education

Our master wedding timelines include as much information as possible to ensure a successful wedding day.  Today, I’m sharing 5  reception notes to include in your master wedding timeline.  It’s so important to find out the answers to these questions before the wedding day.  By including these notes to your master timeline you are ensuring you and your assistants know how to handle each of these items. It’s also a good idea to include most of these notes on the caterer’s version of the timeline as well.

5 Wedding Reception Notes for Wedding Planners

1. What is the couples drink of choice?

2. Is the caterer serving the cakes?

3. Do we need to save or serve the top tier of the wedding cake?

4. Will the couple eat together before being announced? If yes; where?

5. Does the couple have a basket for their meal to go?


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