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Aisle Planner Checklist

Wedding Planner Education

Planners, If you’re not using Aisle Planner you are missing out.  Aisle Planner will make your life so much easier by keeping all of your weddings organized in one place.

Aisle Planner has a great checklist already included with any subscription. I took that checklist template and made it my own and have added so, so much more to it. My checklist inside of Aisle Planner is very long and very detailed, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Aisle Planner Checklist for Wedding Planners

I do share our full checklist inside my course “Wedding Planner  School” but for those of you that have not purchased the course, or for those of you that are figuring this planning thing out on your own, I highly suggest just tweaking the checklist that’s included and add on as you learn and grow.

Tailor the Checklist to Fit your Client’s Needs

Fine tuning your planning checklist in advance of inviting in your client will help streamline the process, minimize confusion and—most importantly—make your clients feel special.

The first thing I do is go through the checklist and delete any tasks that don’t apply to the wedding. For example; if the client is not having a cinematographer I will delete all tasks that mention the cinematographer, or if they are not sending save the dates I will delete all tasks about save the dates.

Assigning Due Dates

After I have deleted any tasks that don’t apply to the clients wedding I will go in and add specific due dates for the following mailing save the dates and wedding invitations. I personally don’t assign specific due dates to every task on the checklist. I only do so for the tasks that require absolute due dates.

Assigning Tasks

I don’t recommend assigning tasks for each and every item on your checklist at once. Instead, try assigning only a handful of pressing items to each person at a time. This helps to keep your team and your users focused on the most pressing tasks at hand. You don’t want to overwhelm a client by sending them 50 task assignments all at once—things tend to get lost in the shuffle that way.

I will go through the checklist and assign tasks that they need to be working on right away which always depends on how many months we have to plan the wedding. If we have 9-12 months+ then the following checklist tasks get assigned when I am first customizing their checklist.




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