Our Wedding Planning Client Inquiry Process

When someone completes the lead contact form on our website we have it set up within Aisle Planner for them to receive an automated email that includes our services brochure with pricing. 

Wedding Planning Client Inquiry Process

If they respond to the email we follow our inquiry process below.  


However, there are lots of times when someone will complete our lead contact form on our website, receive our services brochure then never respond to the brochure about scheduling a consultation.  And guess what, that’s okay!  These are not going to be your ideal clients.



For years I wouldn’t share my pricing until I had someone face to face in a consultation.  I thought if I shared my pricing before a consultation then a potential client would not even want to meet with me, but I soon realized this was wasting my time and theirs.  

There were times when I would have a consultation that I thought went great, only to never hear back from the couple again.  


Fast forward to today and I now send my planning packages with pricing as soon as anyone inquires with me about a consultation.  It’s automated and streamlined through Aisle Planner and is sent automatically when they complete the lead contact form on my website.


Total Game Changer! I now book 95% of the couples I meet with for consultations and you can too! 


Our Inquiry Process

  • Receive inquiry via our Lead Contact Form – our services brochure is automatically emailed to the potential client once they complete the contact form on our website. 
  • Potential client emails back to let me know if they can meet in person or if they prefer a phone consultation.
  • Send email with three dates I’m available to meet for the consultation. 
  • Schedule the consultation.
  • Send email with consultation details. 
  • Send Bride and Groom Questionnaire for them to complete before the consultation.
  • Send consultation reminder email the day before the consultation.
  • Meet for consultation.


xo, Terrica


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