"Your templates have been a life saver for writing process’s, SOPs and they have definitely built the confidence in myself to go full time!"

- Kayce

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Our Full Service Wedding Planning Process

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Get the exact process we use for full service wedding planning. This process has our phase based 5 Step Wedding Planning Process broken down task by task. Learn every step we take in each phase for our planning clients in this 19 page template.

I have purchased some of your content because IT IS AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing it all. 

- Tayler

Your vast knowledge and mentorship has greatly improved my confidence in knowing that I can be successful in this business! 

- Hannah

Coaching and Courses

Voxer Coaching


With this 30-day offering, you'll have a business month of access to direct messaging with Terrica through Voxer! Voxer is a free voice-messaging app that functions similarly to a walkie talkie. It also supports typed messaging when you need it! Consult with Terrica about any wedding planning-related questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. Let's talk about all things wedding planning!

I want to start by saying that I’ve always enjoyed your material and have really learned a lot from you. You being so personable makes it easy to follow you.

- Jami