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Tipping Guidelines

Wedding Planner Education

A question you will get over and over as a wedding planner is which vendors need to be tipped.  Today I’m sharing our tipping guidelines that you can memorize and share with your own wedding planning clients.


Tipping Guidelines


Tipping Guidelines


Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Yes, a tip is expected.

15-20%, just as you would for a normal appointment.

Wedding Planner

Not expected.



Check contracts, because a gratuity may already be included. If not, it’s expected. 15-20% of the total bill when the driver picks the couple or guests up, or after the last ride.


Catering Staff

It depends. Make sure a gratuity is not already included in your clients catering contract.

15-20% or tip each staff member individually before leaving the reception.



Not expected.



Reception Band or DJ

Optional. If your client chooses to tip have them set aside $20-$50 per musician or $25-$150 for DJs.

And they would give this to them before they leave the reception.


Ceremony Musicians


$15-$20 per musician, or 15% of total bill given to them before they leave the ceremony site.


Florist or Cake Baker

Not expected.




15-20% of total bar bill or tip per bartender given to them before they leave the reception.



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