Hotel Room Blocks for Weddings

If you are a new planner I’m sure one of the many things your curious about is how to set up hotel room blocks for weddings.

Setting up a hotel room block is fairly easy. It’s definitely a service you should include in your full service wedding planning package. A hotel room block is a block of rooms (usually a minimum of ten rooms) reserved for a group at a discounted rate.

Step 1:

Determine which hotels the couple wants their room blocks at. I usually suggest offering two hotels at two different price points. Some couples will look to you, their planner, for guidance on which hotels are the most popular and have the best ratings. I always suggest the top two hotels in the area we are working in for anyone that does not have a preference.

ldeally, one or two and no more than three is what we recommend. This makes it easier for your guests to make their decision since having too many options can be overwhelming.

Make sure the hotels you choose are close to the venue. Some hotels offer free transportation/shuttle services to any business for guests staying there within five miles of the hotel. This is always a plus.

Step 2:

Determine the type of block you’ll need and the number and types of rooms.

There are two options for reserving a block of rooms at a hotel. The first is a courtesy room block. A courtesy room block is what you’ll want for a wedding block. A courtesy room block is where the hotel will only set aside a limited number of rooms for you, and then set a booking deadline. Any rooms not booked by your guests before the deadline will go back into regular circulation and can be booked by the general public.

Most hotels will only hold up to ten-fifteen rooms at a time. I always suggest having them hold the minimum number of rooms and once those are fulfilled more can be added. If you know for certain you will need more rooms than that discuss it with the hotel to see if they can hold more. It will vary from hotel to hotel.

Decide if your client will need a mix of double queens and king rooms or if they prefer one over the other for the entire block. I always suggest a mix of the two.

Step 3

Call the hotel and ask to speak to their director of sales. This is the person that will get the block set up for you. They will create a contract that outlines the group rate, group booking code, the deadline for booking, etc.

When you speak to the director of sales ask them the discounted rate and what services they offer for guests that stay there. Do they offer a free shuttle, free breakfast, etc.?

Also, request a direct booking link if they offer that. That is usually the easiest way for guests to make their reservation.

They will need to know how many nights you need the block of rooms for. Most weddings need the block for two nights, starting the night before the wedding.

Step 4

Once you have the contract you can now add this information to your couple’s wedding website. Be sure to add the hotel name, address, phone number, direct booking link, group code, discounted rate and any services they offer.

Your client may also chose to add the accommodation information to the back of their save the date or as an insert card.

It’s that simple! If you have any questions you can always reach me at Here to help!

xo, Terrica


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