12 Things to Invest in As a New Wedding Planner

Today, I’m sharing 12 things you should invest in as a new wedding planner. If you’re a new or aspiring wedding planner I’m sure you have wondered may times where to start as a new planner.

I am sharing some things that won’t cost much while some may incur a bigger expense. All of the items listed below are what you’ll want to invest your money in and what you need to do to get your business set up the right way from the start.

  1. Education – It’s so important to educate yourself from the beginning so you know what you’re doing from the start. So many new planners choose to figure it out as they go, but this is such a huge waste of time.  Do yourself a favor and get the proper education from the start so you can #1 charge your worth and #2 be confident in what you’re selling (yourself). And remember time is money, so don’t waste years of your life trying to figure it out on your own.
  2. Decide how you will name your business. Your business name should be short and easy to understand and no more than three words. Make it catchy and choose a name that attracts your ideal clients. Once you decide on a name make sure that name is available by checking trademarks and local businesses. Some planners use their name for their business name and that is totally fine to do. However, if you think there may be even the slightest chance of you selling your business in the future you may want to reconsider this option.
  3. Establish your business entity: LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Southern Productions is an LLC.
  4. Register your business name with your Secretary of State.
  5. Apply for a business license with your city or county.
  6. Purchase a domain for your website. You can purchase a domain from GoDaddy, Google, and many others. I purchased my domain from GoDaddy
  7. If you are on a budget the least expensive option would be to pay someone to design your logo, then purchase a website template from Showit or SquareSpace. These pre-designed templates are SO very easy to use and they look great too!

    I use Showit and love how easy it is for me to edit my website at any time. I purchased my website template from With Grace and Gold in the beginning of my planning career, then I had them custom design a new brand for me in (2021) and I could not be more happy with it!

    You have the option of adding a blog subscription to your Showit account and I highly recommend you add this if you do not currently have a WordPress blog. Blogging is crucial for your business and search engine optimization.
  8. Have a brand photo shoot or at least professional images of you to share on social media and your website.
  9. Open a business bank account.  You do not want to use your personal checking account for anything business related.
  10. Network with local vendors.  Look for networking events in your area.  Join a Rising Tide Society group if there is a local group in your area (or start one for your town if there’s not!).  Tour local venues so you are familiar with them.  Introduce yourself to vendors in your town in person or by email or snail mail.

  11. Plan a styled shoot with local vendors.  This is not something I did in the beginning of my planning career, but I think this would be a great way to get your name out there and would give you the opportunity to work with some local vendors.
  12. Get an online customer management subscription tool like Aisle Planner. Aisle Planner is amazing and will be your new BFF! I couldn’t plan weddings without Aisle Planner and it makes planning a breeze once you have everything set up correctly.

    You can join Aisle Planner through my link HERE and get 25% off your plan for 3 months!

xo, Terrica


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