Wedding Rehearsal Guide

Are you a new wedding planner unsure of how to direct a wedding rehearsal? Or perhaps you’re in charge of directing a wedding for someone. Our wedding rehearsal guide will walk you through a wedding rehearsal step by step.

Wedding Rehearsal Guide

Learn the process for directing a wedding rehearsal as well as tips for directing the rehearsal.

This guide also includes a ceremony diagram that shows you who stands where traditionally.


And enjoy this Wedding Rehearsal Checklist below:

  • Introduce yourself and welcome everyone.  If you’re in a house of worship ask the officiant if they would like to say a prayer before starting.
  • Place the wedding party in their appropriate places.
  • Make sure the couple likes where everyone is standing.
  • Instruct the wedding party on how to stand, how to hold their hands and bouquets.
  • Place parents and grandparents in their appropriate reserved seats and introduce them to their usher.
  • Explain the usher’s duties to him/her.
  • The couple (or proxy bride) should be in place ready for instructions by the      officiant.
  • Have the wedding party practice the recessional.
  • Then have everyone practice the ceremony from the beginning to end. 
  • After you are done pass out the wedding timelines and go over what time everyone needs to arrive the next day and where.
  • Go over any venue rules and policies.


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