Submitting Engagement Announcements For Your Clients

Most couples do still have their engagement announcement in their local newspaper. It’s a tradition that is still pretty popular. For full service planning clients we submit their engagement announcement for them and handle typing up the announcement. Anything we can do to take the load off their plate is what we do for our full service clients. So, you may be wondering how to you go about submitting engagement announcements for your clients?

The first step is sending the client a questionnaire to complete to gather all of the information for the announcement.

Submitting engagement announcements for your clients

I send all of my questionnaires via Aisle Planner, my project management system. However; if you don’t use Aisle Planner you can send the questionnaire via a google form. It’s easy peasy!

Here’s the information to gather in the questionnaire:

Engagement Announcement Questionnaire

  • Bride’s Full Name
  • Groom’s Full Name
  • Bride’s Parents Full Name and City they live in:
  • Groom’s Parents Full Name and City they live in:
  • Bride’s Grandparents Full Names and City they live in. If any are married we usually list them as: ie. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kyle McKee:
  • Bride’s deceased Grandparents Full Names. We usually list them as: ie. The Late Mr. Thomas Kyle McKee:
  • Groom’s Grandparents and City they live in:
  • Groom’s deceased Grandparents:
  • The high school the bride graduated from:
  • The college the bride graduated from and any degree earned:
  • Clubs or activities the bride was involved in during college that you want to list:
  • Bride’s employer:
  • High school groom graduated from:
  • College groom graduated from and degree earned:
  • Clubs or activities the groom was involved in during college you want to list:
  • Groom’s employer
  • Do you want to list “Friends and Family are Invited to Attend” at the end of the announcement?

To see a copy of this questionnaire in Aisle Planner click here.

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