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Questionnaires for Wedding Planners

Questionnaires will save you so much time and will make your life much easier. No more emailing your couples to ask question after question. In this article I’m sharing questionnaires every planner needs to be using. ​ I’ve created several different questionnaires that I send to couples to complete at different times during the planning […]

Client Budget & Vendor Questionnaire

Do you need a questionnaire template that will gather the information needed from your clients in order to get their budget set up? As well as a questionnaire that will allow them to select all of the vendors they are interested in?  Our Client Budget and Vendor Questionnaire will do just that! Get the exact questionnaire […]

Wedding Design Questionnaire Template

Are you unsure of the design questions you need to be asking your wedding planning clients to ensure a successful wedding design?   Get the exact questions we ask our full service wedding planning clients that ensures a successful design plan every single time! What’s included: Instant access to the questionnaire template that includes 39 […]

Wedding Planner Templates

Do you need a timeline planning questionnaire?  Which is a questionnaire template that will help you prepare your clients wedding weekend schedule.   Get the exact questionnaire that we send to Wedding Management clients that aids us in preparing their wedding weekend timeline/schedule.  Learn every single question we ask in this comprehensive questionnaire in our […]