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What are the Groom’s Parents Responsible For?

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What are the Groom's Parents Responsible For?

The groom’s parents are often at a loss when asked about what role they will play at the wedding of their son.  For whatever reason, it is always assumed that parents of the bride get more emotional during weddings.  But that’s their baby getting married too!

Here are some basic guidelines for parents of the groom to follow:

  • If they haven’t already met, the groom’s parents need to initiate contact and start communication with the bride’s family.  It’s a sign of respect and a terrific way to start up pleasant relations between both families.
  • You are responsible for hosting and paying for the rehearsal dinner and inviting everyone that plays a role in the ceremony. It doesn’t have to be expensive, although it should be similar to the actual wedding. You need to send out invitations to everyone that’s invited.
  • The couple will let you know how many invitations are available to you.  Once you have a number quickly provide them with your portion of the guest list.
  • The groom’s family pays for the following flowers: bridal bouquet, groomsmen and ushers boutonnieres and mother’s and grandmother’s corsages/mini bouquets.
  • The groom’s parents or the groom pays the officiant’s fee or gives a cash gift to the officiant if he or she doesn’t have a set fee.
  • If the officiant has to travel for the wedding the groom’s parents should pay for his travel and lodging if he was asked to officiate by the groom’s family.
  • The groom or the groom’s parents should cover the getaway vehicle that picks the couple up from the reception.

    Role of the Mother of the Groom

The mother of the groom has a fine line when it comes to the planning and executing of the wedding.  There are some very important things that she should do, but her role is largely dictated by the role that her son and soon to be daughter in law encourages her to play, which include:

  • The mother of the groom should call the bride’s parents first to congratulate them after the couple get engaged and introduce herself.  She may want to invite them to dinner at her home or out to a special dinner as a way to get to know each other.
  • You should choose a dress that makes you feel and look gorgeous, however the mother of the groom should never wear any shade of white or cream.  If you haven’t heard from the bride’s mother soon after the bridesmaids’ dresses are selected, give her a call to check in to see if she has chosen a dress so you can coordinate your dress with hers.
  • It’s fine to offer help with the planning or take on some of the details if you would like, but a wise mother of the groom waits to give advice until asked. 🙂

The Groom’s (or Groom’s Parents) Traditional Wedding Expenses 

  • bride’s engagement and wedding ring
  • groom’s attire
  • marriage license
  • gift for the bride
  • gift for your parents
  • gift for the groomsmen and ushers
  • Bridal bouquet, groomsmen/usher boutonnieres, mother/grandmother corsage/mini bouquets
  • All costs of rehearsal dinner
  • the getaway vehicle – the vehicle that picks you and the bride up from the reception
  • accommodations for grooms attendants
  • all honeymoon expenses

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