5 Things Brides Don’t Think About For Their Wedding Day

If you don’t have a wedding planner  or rental cars by Wedding Cars Telford, there’s a chance you may never think about these things.  I want you to have the smoothest, stress free wedding day as possible.  Today, I’m sharing 5 things brides don’t think about for their wedding day to ensure you have all of your bases covered.

5 Things Brides Don't Think About For Their Wedding Day

5 Things Brides Don’t Think About For Their Wedding Day

  1. Food for the wedding party.  It’s a must to feed the wedding party if they are going to be with you getting ready, or if they are there for photos during breakfast and/or lunch hours.  If most of your bridesmaids are having hair and makeup done then they will have to arrive pretty early, more than likely.  If they are there during breakfast hours then I strongly suggest you provide donuts or something simple for breakfast.  When it’s time for lunch you can have someone pick up a sandwich tray or something easy that you have pre-ordered.  If you have a family member or friend offering to do something for your wedding, providing lunch for the wedding party is a great way for them to help out.
  2. A game plan for the wedding party’s vehicles if you are providing transportation.  If you are renting the trolley, van, or limo for the wedding party you need to let them know before the wedding day and you can contact them here :  They need to have a plan in mind for their vehicle so they are not stuck at the reception at the end of the night with no vehicle.  I always suggest for the wedding party to be dropped off at the ceremony venue if they will have a family member at the reception they can ride home with.  Or, they can have their vehicle dropped off at the reception venue before getting a ride to the ceremony venue to ensure their vehicle is at the reception when they leave for the night.
  3. Who will clean the bridal suite after the ceremony.  Once the ceremony ends the wedding party usually heads straight out the doors (if they take all photos prior to the ceremony) to get into their vehicles or the getaway vehicle.  There’s usually no time to go back into the bridal suite to gather belongings.  If transportation is being provided for the wedding party it’s best to have them place any belongings they will need with them at the reception in the getaway vehicle before the ceremony begins.  That way once the ceremony ends they can get into the getaway vehicle right away.  If you provided lunch there will be leftover lunch, drinks and garbage in general left behind in the bridal suite.  You will need to appoint someone that’s not in the wedding party to pick up the bridal suite once the ceremony ends.  They can be responsible for throwing any trash away and picking up any items left behind.  There’s always something that’s left behind.
  4. What will you do with your flowers at the end of the wedding.  If you are having a church ceremony a lot of churches will allow you to leave your ceremony flowers for Sunday service.  This is something you would need to arrange with the church since someone else may already have flowers planned for that Sunday.  You may want to have each of your family members take an arrangement home with them; if they desire.  Or, you could have a family member designated to repurpose the flowers into plastic vases to deliver to nursing homes, in-patient hospices or hospitals.
  5. The bride needs to have ALL the rings detail photos.  A lot of brides don’t even think about getting their wedding band from the groom for the detail shots the photographer will capture.  Make sure the bride has all three rings ready for the photographer to capture upon arrival.  If you don’t have a planner or coordinator, designate someone to give your wedding band to the best man before the ceremony and the groom’s wedding band to the maid of honor before the ceremony begins.


xo, Terrica

5 Things Brides Don't think about for their wedding


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