How Many Packages Should You Offer as a Wedding Planner?

How Many Packages Should You Offer as a Wedding Planner

A lot of new planners think they have to offer at least three different levels of planning packages or they will miss out on some clients.  And I know why you do this…You see all these other planners offering three different levels of planning packages which means you have to as well.


I thought this exact same way in the beginning!  It took my seven years to realize I was losing time and money offering a middle tier package.


There were no clear boundaries with this middle tier package and several items overlapped into full service wedding planning making it very confusing for myself and for my couples.  I found myself doing things that should have only been done for full service planning clients, but I wouldn’t want to mention this to them in fear of them not liking me anymore or I feared they would think I was being nit picky.

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After accessing how many couples were actually booking me for this middle tier package I realized only a couple of brides per year were even hiring us for Wedding Planning Guidance + Wedding Day Management; my middle tier planning package.  Most couples wanted help with everything or they just needed help the month leading up to the wedding and the wedding day.


So, offering three different planning packages doesn’t mean you will book more clients.


You should only offer the services that make sense for you and your business.  It doesn’t matter if you chose to offer just full service planning, just wedding management, both or three different packages.  The choice is yours to make no matter what so and so planner down the street is doing.


Every planner is different.  You do you!


However; I can say without a doubt removing the middle tier package from my services has been one of the best decisions I have made as I have not lost a single bride over it.  With that being said I’m not telling you to only offer two packages. You decide what services you like to do and only offer those services.


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