Full Service Planning Client On-boarding Process

I know you may be thinking why in the world would you need a full service planning on-boarding process when you should remember these simple steps anyway?

While I do usually remember the steps to this on-boarding process without having to refer to it I found that it’s much easier and faster to have processes written down for every single thing you do in your business. This ensures no step is forgotten.

Another bonus when you have processes in place is it makes it so much easier to bring on new team members whether that be a virtual assistant or another planner. Having processes written out makes it much easier to explain what and how things are done in your business.

Full Service Planning On-boarding Process

Full Service Planning Client On-boarding Process

  • Send contract
  • Send invoice
  • Countersign contract
  • Receive deposit
  • Send budget and vendor questionnaire
  • Create their project in Aisle Planner
  • Set up their estimated budget in Aisle Planner
  • Customize their checklist in Aisle Planner and assign tasks
  • Invite the client to join Aisle Planner
  • Schedule budget and vendor meeting/meeting #2
  • Send welcome gift

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