One Way to Set the Wedding Party Up For Success

I want to make sure you are doing the best job you can do for your clients.

And setting everyone up for success is part of our job as wedding planners.   I know you want to make sure your clients wedding weekend goes off without a hitch.  Today I’m sharing one way for setting the wedding party up for success that will set you apart as a planner.



Setting Wedding Party Up for Success

Setting the Wedding Party up for Success

A very small part of making the wedding a success is making sure anyone giving a toast is prepared.


There is nothing worse for anyone than finding out 5 minutes before the time that you are supposed to give a toast.  Friends, not every maid of honor and best man or parent of a couple knows they are expected to give a toast so it’s our job to set them up for success.


That’s why I contact everyone who will be making a toast at the rehearsal dinner or reception before the wedding day.

What am I saying when I contact them? How do I contact them?


The easiest way to contact them is by email if they actively use email. If they are not someone who uses email (who doesn’t use email though amIright!) I will send them a text.


Before I contact anyone that normally would give a toast I send the couple a questionnaire to complete that asks them who all they want and/or expect to give a toast at their rehearsal dinner or reception. I also send them a list of who all traditionally will give a toast and the order they should go in.


Once they complete the questionnaire I will start contacting everyone who will be expected to give a toast.

Here in the South, toasts happen at rehearsal dinners and not receptions most often. But I know that’s not the case in other parts of the country.


Here’s an example of the email or text I send:

Hey (first name)! It’s Terrica McKee, planner for Megan and Bill’s February 22 wedding! I wanted to touch base with you since you are the Best Man. I am sure you are familiar that the Best Man is expected to give a toast at the rehearsal dinner, but just in case you’re not I wanted to let you know. Megan and Bill would love for you to give a toast! I wanted to give you plenty of notice so you would have time to prepare your toast.

I will attach a toasting guide to help you out! Please let me know if you are comfortable and willing to make a toast and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. I am here to help! Thank you!

See it’s that easy! A small step in ensuring your couple’s rehearsal dinner or reception toasting actually happens and that those giving the toast are actually prepared.


We don’t want any spur of the moment toasts happening that can lead to embarrassing stories. 😜   We’ve all seen our share of those drunk toasts that go on and on and on and are not meant for all of those ears!



xo, Terrica


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