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Tablecloth Size Guide

Wedding Planner Education

As a wedding planner it’s important for you to know table sizes and the size linen required to fit different sized tables.  In the beginning of your planning career you may not be able to look at a table and automatically know what size it is, but the more weddings you do the easier this will become.  Having a tablecloth size guide with you at all times will ensure you are never put on the spot when a client asks you what size tablecloth they need.


Keep a tape measure on hand anytime you tour a venue.  That way if the venue coordinator is not present to answer your questions about their table sizes and amount you can figure out the size on your own.


Tablecloth Size Guide


This tablecloth size guide cheat sheet is a great tool for you to have.  Save this to your phone, print a copy or add this to your notes on your phone.  Anytime a client asks you what size tablecloth they need you want to be able to tell them.


Again, over time you will know these like the back of your hand.  You won’t always have to refer to this cheat sheet, but it’s a great tool to have in the beginning until you are familiar with table and tablecloth sizes.

Tablecloth Size Guide


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