Final Venue Walk Through Checklist

Another day, another template added to the shop! Our final venue walk through checklist has been added to the shop! This is another one I can’t live without.

This is the checklist I use at the final venue walk through with the couple. All the items on this particular checklist are the things we are going over with the couple. I use this checklist in addition to our final vendor checklist.

This checklist goes over everything we need to confirm from the couple (where our final vendor checklist is questions we need to confirm with the vendors).

The checklist is asking things like the final guest count, rain plan, food for the wedding party, gift details, floor plan details, vendor payments, and so much more.

It also includes a checklist of items we will be collecting from the couple. Or the list of items the couple will need to bring for us to set up. This list makes sure they have purchased everything they need and they haven’t forgotten to bring us any of these items.

What’s Included:

-Instant access to the editable template in Google Doc format
-3 page checklist

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Before I started using this checklist I would go over the wedding timeline and order of ceremony with the couple. Now, I go an extra step to ensure nothing is forgotten by using this checklist along with our final vendor checklist.

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xo, Terrica


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