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Why Wedding Planners Should Share Pricing Before Consultations

A lot of new planners think they shouldn’t share their planning packages WITH pricing with potential clients until they meet with them face to face for a consultation, but this could actually be a huge waste of time.     For years we were told not to share our pricing on our website or with anyone […]

How Many Packages Should You Offer as a Wedding Planner

A lot of new planners think they have to offer at least three different levels of planning packages or they will miss out on some clients.  And I know why you do this…You see all these other planners offering three different levels of planning packages which means you have to as well.   I thought […]

Most newer wedding planners think they can’t have a life outside of wedding planning if they want to create a successful business, but that can actually hurt you in the long run.     And I know that wedding planning is very time consuming and you feel like you have to do all the things and […]

So many new wedding planners think they have to charge a lot less than their competitors are charging in order to stand out and get booked.   You do market research to determine what your competition is charging then you set your pricing at 20-50% less because you are determined to do whatever it takes to […]