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Post Wedding Process for Planners

After the wedding there’s still a few tasks for you to complete as a wedding planner.  Our Post-Wedding Process for wedding planners is very simple, yet very important.     Post-Wedding Process for Wedding Planners Send a thank you and congratulations note Request a review from the couple Send the couple our post-wedding survey Create […]

On-boarding Process for Wedding Planners

I know you may be thinking why in the world would you need a full service planning on-boarding process when you should remember these simple steps anyway? While I do usually remember the steps to this on-boarding process without having to refer to it I found that it’s much easier and faster to have processes […]

Questions to ask Bands Before Booking them for a Wedding

When it comes to the band booking process there are several questions you need to be able to answer before you book them for your clients. Most of these questions you will be able to answer directly from the band’s rider.  If their rider doesn’t answer all of these questions be sure and ask them […]

Band and DJ Booking Process

There is usually a big price difference between a band and a DJ. If you have clients on a tighter budget, a DJ is more than likely the route to take. When you book bands be sure to read their rider carefully since every band has different requirements. Our Process for Booking Bands and DJs […]