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Questions Planners Should Ask Bands Before Booking

Wedding Planner Education

When it comes to the band booking process there are several questions you need to be able to answer before you book them for your clients.

Questions to ask Bands Before Booking them for a Wedding

Most of these questions you will be able to answer directly from the band’s rider.  If their rider doesn’t answer all of these questions be sure and ask them to avoid any surprises on the wedding day.  You want to be fully prepared to give bands a great experience with you.

Questions Planners Should Ask Bands Before Booking

  • How many hours do you play?
  • What are your rider requirements?
  • What are the meal requirements for the band and how many band and crew members will need to be fed?
  • What is your fee?
  • What is the required deposit and when is the balance due? How many breaks do you take and what is the length of your breaks?
  • Will you act as EMCC and make all announcements?

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  • Do you provide a wireless/cordless mic for toasts?
  • Will you learn any songs that are not on your song list?
  • If the dance songs will not be performed by the band will the band provide those songs on their laptop or I-phone/I-pod or will the couple be responsible for providing those songs on their I-pod or I-phone?
  • Do you require a stage? If yes, what size?
  • Do you require a dressing room? For both males and females?
  • How do you motivate the crowd if they are not dancing?


Stay tuned to the blog to learn about questions you should be asking DJ’s before hiring them for a wedding.

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